(Wow it’s been months since I abandoned by blog)

My social media’s reaction to Trump’s victory on landing the white house job reminded me of this terrible flowchart that a Facebook friend of mine posted a few years ago.


I remember when I saw this chart, especially the lower left corner, I thought to myself: “How is this supposed to convince someone that being gay is fine? If I’m a homophobia, I’d probably think that whoever made this chart is some self-made arrogant elitist.”

On the week of November 8 after Trump won the presidency, people were throwing names on social media. They call trump supporters racists, sexists, trash, whatever. While they criticise that Team Trump calls Mexican rapists and Muslim terrorists, Liberals are also lumping people together and giving them names …

Another element of my social media’s reaction is surprise. No one in my social circle has expected Trump to win. Who could have possibly lose to him? The polls were in favor of Clinton, and that makes you wonder why the polls and people’s actual action at the poll station were so different. Since Trump won, there have been articles written by people support Trump from LGBT individuals, Muslim women, on why they voted for Trump, start to surface. Why aren’t these discussions happening before the election?

How are we supposed to influence people with different opinions if all we do is making them our enemies while patting ourselves at the back?

Imagine two scenarios here:

Scenario 1: Person A: I think women shouldn’t do science. You: You f*king sexist. (open Twitter)

Scenario 2: Person A: I think Muslims are dangerous and they shouldn’t come into our country. You: That’s not true. I have a Muslim friend and she’s the sweetest person I know. Come meet her this weekend.

Which one do you think would help people become more open-minded and eradicate harmful stereotypes in our society?

Our world strives to be politically correct on the surface and that intimidates people from expressing their opinions. People are afraid of offending others or being labelled as racists or sexists. When they do express their view that’s off the culture mainstream, they’re bashed on social media, fired from the job, and all the horrible things that further inhibit open discussions.

People need to stop dissing at conservatives and not talking to them, because that’s only making themselves feel better and exacerbating the problem.